Anuran Barman


Tube To Mp3 -youtube video to mp3 converter

Often you like some music video on youtube which you want to hear million times but due to slow speed internet it's pain in your ass. Don't worry with this simple light weight tool you can download the music video as mp with a simple mouse click!!
Download Link: Tube To Mp3 Setup File

Python Student DB Management System a too simple system to manage your college

a Student DB management system made with PyQT and Sqlite3 with features like adding student details and semester fee payment details and getting records of the same associating a roll number. You can view the source code in my GitHub Repository

Chat Application using PyQt and Socket

This is a simple chat application created using PyQt and Socket Programming.It also used Python threading module for multithreading programming.You can download the code from my Github Repository.

Email Bomber using BeautifulSoup and SMTPLib

This is simple script which scraps love sms from a webpage and bomb the targets email id with those messages as email body.You can download the code from my Github Repository.